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Pins - Duckpin Bowling

The lanes are shorter, the pins are fatter and the balls are small enough to be lifted by a child. This is not a traditional bowling alley with shoe rentals, fluorescent lights, heavy balls and cavernous spaces. Duckpin is bowling distilled into its most enjoyable elements, namely social interaction and competitive skilled play.

  • $6 per Person per game

  • Up to 6 people per lane

  • One Game at time

    • Additional games available if there is no line​​


Join Waitlist From Home

THe current Waitlist is show to the left

Sign into the waitlist on your way in

You will be texted when your lane is ready

You MUST be here within 10 min of text to claim your lane

LANES will not be held past this point!!!

We Do not take Reservation for specific times. You can join the waitlist on your way in, but must be present when your lane is ready.

Duckpin League

The Basics

  • Mondays

  • 2 time slots - 6:30 or 8:00

  • Season Runs  Jan 15th thru March 4th

  • 4-6 players per team

  • 2 Games in 90 minutes

  • Play level - Casual

  • $100 Per team to join - Includes cost of bowling

Signup and INfo below

Retro Arcade

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Pixels - Retro Arcade

We built our Arcade for grown ups. Grab a beer and enjoy a throw back game of Pac Man and pinball. Kids may not get the nostalgia, but they will love it too. So grab a bucket of quarters and show them how it is done!

All games operate on quarters - Change machines onsite

"Abandon all Quarters ye who enter Here"


Led Zeppelin


Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Wars

James Bond


Toy Story

Guns n Roses


Pac Man Battle Royal

Time Crisis

Guitar Hero

House of the Dead



Snow Cross

Nascar Deluxe


Mortal Kombat

Burger Time

Dig Dug

Deadsea Pirates 


Skee Ball

Pop Shot

Air Hockey



Puzzle League

JTC Puzzle League Standings - regular season.png
JTC Puzzle League Standings - short season.png

Puzzle League
Shortened League Signup FOrm

Team Captain

Thanks for inquiring, we will be getting back to you shortly.

League is FUll
Next season Starts in may
Signup Begins in April

Retro Arcade
Duckpin League
Puzzle League
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